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We are serving Myanmar through Rescue & Recovery Diving and Training.

Rescue of Drowning Victims

We quickly respond to any drowning emergencies, and do our best to rescue and revive each patient. If a boat capsizes and victims are left stranded in the water, we will be there to the rescue in the areas that we service.

Recovery of Drowning Victims

For the families of drowning victims in other areas we also provide a free recovery diving service, available anywhere in Myanmar, and also in Thailand through our partners. If a drowning occurs, please contact us as soon as possible.

Disaster Search & Recovery

Natural and man-made disasters are unfortunate, but a reality often faced in Myanmar. We quickly respond and provide evacuation and immediate assistance to those affected until government or other agencies can step in.

High Quality Training Sponsorship

Currently, access in Myanmar to recovery diving is limited. That is why we began to help sponsor this service and training. If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring or receiving our training, please contact us.

Search & Recovery Diving

In Asia, and especially in Myanmar, it is very important to recover the body of a loved one, so that various religious services and burial or cremation can take place. Seeing then that Myanmar has very few experienced divers, and even fewer recovery divers, we decided this was something we needed to step up and do. Together with our international partners, we provide this service free of charge to the family of the victim. We will go anywhere in Myanmar to recover a body, no matter how remote or difficult it may be. And we also are teaching capable volunteers in this important skill, and sponsoring equipment for them when possible. All of our diving instructors are internationally certified.

Rescue Divers
Rescue Diver

Report a Drowning

It is advisable to report a drowning emergency as quickly as possible to facilitate quickest response, and to increase the chances of the victim’s survival. If a drowning occurs, please call us immediately, or contact us by clicking the button below.

Volunteer With MFA Rescue Divers

We welcome all who are interested to send in their application, or contact us for further information on joining our Rescue Diver team. Diving equipment is not cheap, so we have a limited amount. But If you have either new or good second-hand diving equipment that you wish to donate, we would be extremely grateful, and so would the families of Myanmar’s drowning victims. We thank you ahead of time.

Join the MFA Rescue Divers Team

Fill out the application, and we will get back with you as soon as we can. We welcome you to our team!