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Myanmar Free Ambulance Foundation was officially registered as a national NGO in June, 2016, founded by a dedicated family who have devoted their lives to help their fellow citizens. The year leading up to 2016 was filled with medical trainings for ambulance volunteers, nurses, and community health workers, along with relief aid and supplies to refugees and vulnerable communities. From that time, we have been expanding our network, reach, and objectives, and have been systematically training ambulance personnel, nurses, doctors, and other frontline medical personnel all across the country. To date, we have trained over 4,000 volunteers and medical personnel from Basic First Aid all the way up to Advanced Emergency Medical Technician. We gained international recognition and accreditation for our training programs, and have become the leader in emergency medical training for the people of Myanmar.

In addition to this, we continue to help with relief aid and supplies, and other humanitarian missions to remote places in Myanmar, where hundreds of thousands of refugees are trying their best to survive in the jungle with no food, and no shelter. Over the years we have donated millions of dollars worth of food, medicines, medical equipment, and basic necessities to flood victims, frontline personnel, refugees, and IDPs all across Myanmar, and even in neighboring countries. Our mission is always to help those most in need, save lives, and ensure the people of Myanmar get the top quality emergency medical care that they deserve.

Since the coup on February 1st, 2021, the condition of the healthcare system, and society in general, has crumbled to the ground. Thousands are dying from complications of Covid and the military’s use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians. Recently we have been forced to suspend all ambulance services that we directly provided as most of our staff have had to go into hiding due to extreme danger of illegal arrest, torture, and death of medical personnel helping civilians through this difficult time. We have also run out of oxygen tanks, and therefore are not currently able to provide this free service anymore as well, although we are able to purchase and donate oxygen kits to critical cases under certain circumstances. Generally, we have shifted focus to other areas in greater need, and continue on strong where we can, helping everyone in need. We do this all so that others might live.



Volunteers, First Responders and Medical Personnel Trained


States & Regions where we operate either part time or full time


People helped through our relief, training, and response programs


Dollars worth of relief and medical supplies donated to critical needs

Highlights From Previous Projects

Lashio EMR Training by MFA & RCY



Thanks to the dedicated Rotary Club of Yangon, we were able to partner with them on both local and Global Grants worth over $150,000 which paid for top-notch training of hundreds of medical personnel and ambulance volunteers and development of a response network across Myanmar.

Flood Relief Mission



During the extreme flooding of the monsoon seasons in both 2018 and 2019 we were able to provide over $500,000 worth of relief aid, food, drinking water, and basic necessities together with our partners and donors to victims in Bago, Ayerwaddy, Sagaing, Kachin, Karen, Chin, and Shan States.

R-EMR Training in Shan State

R-EMR Training in Shan State


With the help of Radical Rescue and Crossfire Relief International, and many other donors, we were able to provide Remote Emergency Medical Responder training for medics in Lashio, and donate over $80,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies to medic teams.

Covid-19 Relief

COUP & COVID-19 Response


When Covid-19 and lockdowns hit Myanmar at the end of March 2020, we were busy training and helping relief efforts for families affected by the fallout. Since the coup, we have been even more busy getting relief aid, together with our partners, to those who are in critical need.


Food and clean water

for refugees & IDPS

Training & Supplies for

Medical Personnel



Myanmar Free ambulance

General Support Fund

Shelter & Basic Necessities

for refugees & IDPS


2018 Flood Relief News Article

2018 Flood Relief News Article

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